I highly recommend A Better Custodial Services Company for all your housekeeping and custodial needs. The company oversees all the housekeeping services for our 170 acre compound in Canton, Texas, which includes a 13,000 square foot main house plus 2 guest houses, and they do an impeccable job. The owners of the company, Martin and Sheri, are always very attentive, very responsive, and have a wonderful demeanor whenever I speak with them. Their staff has done an incredible job taking care of our houses and keeping them organized and meticulous.

Tracey Edmonds

Very trustworthy and friendly group. I have had them do a deep clean to a house I was selling. Excellent job. They even went above what we discussed by cleaning the walkway and driveway. I also have them as a house keeping service now every 2 weeks due to their high quality work and professionalism. They are excellent with my animals and treat them like their own. The owners have even went so far as to bring me cleaning supplies and other items for the house at cost for my convience during the pandemic since they easier access to supplies. On another note, the owners also came.out late one night due to my dogs "losing" an argument with a skunk....thank God. Not all service providors are willing to go that far. Truly a great bunch of guys. I highly recommend them for cleaning.

Willard Conley

Marin was on point with his quotes and service. He took my calls and returned his messages promptly. I would recommend him friends and future clients

Jordan Brandt

They go above and beyond. We are very pleased.

Gary Lynch

We are EXTREMELY happy with the cleaning services that they provided. We will definitely be using them in the future again. Not only did they do a excellent job, they were very professional! Absolutely loved them!

Lea Wright

I was very happy with this company. They were on time, very friendly and they did a great job cleaning my house. The customer service alone was worth the cost of the cleaning. I will definitely continue using them in the future. Thank you Sheri and Martin for everything!

Tracey Wright

Excellent thorough cleaning of my apartment!

Rolly Kuye

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